19 August 2022 - 19:00 @ Soho Rooms, Moscow

International VIP: Colored Summer - Register here

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A great venue in Moscow center, hosting our International VIP Party!
Where does the Party take place?
International VIP: Colored Summer
@ SOHO Rooms
After 2 white parties it's high time to give some color to our last and probably biggest event of this summer 2022!!! On August 19th, Soho Rooms will host our first 'colored' Friday, featuring our exclusive, fun and friendly International Meetup.

What's a color party? Starting from this event we'll have 2/3 hosting countries (and hosts from those countries) each time, so we're required to wear something of the color representing the hosting countries or their flag. This time to join the party be sure to wear something RED (Belgium), AZURE (Italy), GREEN, WHITE or SAFFRON (India). Locals and people from ALL nationalities are welcome, no exceptions!

As always we'll enjoy the most exclusive and positive International atmosphere of Soho with a touch of elegance. Mind the style of our VIP international, dress up classy and elegant, join our smart, international and multicultural meetup.

Party plan: there will be, for our MIE group, lighter FC/DC (dress code - polo, long sleeves shirts, smart casual, no sport shoes/clothes, no torn jeans/t-shirts - check the party color code) from 19:00 till 20:30 and strict from 20:30 till 00:30. The entrance fee with the password 'INTERNATIONAL' will be just 500 rub. per person from 19:30 to 00:30 and it will include a compliment from the bar (till midnight).
Password and Discounts
The access to the club will be available for our group from 19:00 till 00:30 exclusively thru the MAIN CLUB ENTRANCE, mentioning the password: INTERNATIONAL. After the entrance, you'll be welcomed by the hostess, say to her the password, pay CASH for the entrance ticket and you'll be given a MIE wristband, a welcome drink card, and you'll find our group! We'll have full access to all areas of the club, including the outdoor bar area and the open roof pool terrace (according to the weather) while we'll keep the bar area downstairs for us for the whole night as a chill-out area.

The show and detailed plan will be A SURPRISE from the club so we can't tell you more... Enough to know that we'll start our meetup in the bar area at 19:00 in order to socialize, get acquainted, practise languages in a classy and exclusive environment with the usual positive and friendly atmosphere that characterizes all of our MIE events. Then, you'll see... We'll move to the Pool Terrace or to the Event Hall and the proper show and dance party will start.

For booking tables contact us: https://www.facebook.com/MIE.Moscow.International.Events/

Don't even think to miss the International VIP, be international, be smart, have fun with the best people the whole night!
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